10 reasons to be proud to live in the US

1. National parks

Americans are pioneers remembering Yellowstone as the world's first national park (1872).
Nowadays there is Alaska's Denali National Park, one among 400-plus areas of buttes, badlands, volcanoes, glaciers, falls, fjords, geysers and gift shops.


2. Eating

Even if you believe that France is based on a more elaborate style of cooking please note that there is no other nation offering the portions and varieties of culinary experimentation found in the U.S. Exhibit A: deep-fried butter.


3. Sports

Most countries have one national sport, sometimes two, but keep in mind that the U.S. has four.
Except if we do a favor to our Canadian friends. Let’s say three and a half by sharing hockey.
The last World Cup in Brazil let us all hope that soccer will become the fifth.


4. Derbies

The United States is the home of the derby in all its forms, be it racing, smashing or bashing.
Sorry but there is no competition this time.


5. Friendly greetings

"Ahoy!" "Aloha!" "Hey!" "Hola!" "Howdy!" "Hiya!" "Ho there!" "Well, look who it is!" "What's happenin'?!" "'Sup!" "Yo!" "Hello!" and the famous "Bonjour!" from the French expats.
The variety and vibrancy of the American greeting is unrivaled, upholding a threshold of friendliness of American people. You may find it onerous if you are from Europe.


6. Beer

By contrast, American brewers aren't bound by purity restrictions on their craft, allowing them to push the pint glass with new additives, processes, styles and malt and hops strains moved through the largest number of breweries of any nation on earth. In no country is beer more innovative.


7. Canyons

The U.S has the best landscape concerning canyons by far. For instance, Utah's Bryce Canyon is the closest you can get to another planet without tickets on Virgin Galactic. There is also Black Canyon of the Gunnison (Colorado), Palo Duro Canyon (Texas), Canyon de Chelly (Arizona) and hundreds more to round out a list so deep and wide that it makes the U.S. the hands-down winner in this category even without mentioning the Grandest one of them all (you can mention others that you know in comment).


8. Moving pictures

TV shows (Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead), movies (Avatar) and so on, are loved worldwide … America is the undisputed global leader. We could have added viral videos but we are not here for show.


9. Road trips

All the roads, with their unique character, dotting America's majestic roadscape, you are never far from the next adventure. If you ask a European for a road trip, its first answer will be Will Rogers Highway, the mother road: Route 66.
Please drive carefully and respect the speed limit :)


10. Diversity

The U.S. is a microcosm of nearly every world culture, climate, landscape and category of wildlife.
But of course the Melting Pot concept was built on ethnic diversity. This way, the United States of America is going to be as heterogeneous as any nation on earth.


source: CNN

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