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Negotiating a Relocation Package

Relocating is expensive, time-consuming and stressful. Some corporations offer to cover some or all of the relocation costs for their employees who move at the company's request. Larger companies generally offer a more elaborate relocation package than smaller firms do. A good relocation package is not only the key to a smoother transition; it can also determine your quality of life after the move.

An average relocation package generally includes the following provisions.

Transportation costs

Road, railways, air fares or any other mode of transport for the employee and family is included in relocation packages.

Moving Cost

The entire moving cost right from packing employee's household belongings, transporting them and unpacking the things in new home is provided through relocation packages.

Housing assistance

Relocating employees are given assistance for finding an appropriate house and neighborhood. Other housing assistance like signing a lease and inspecting a home, arrangements for phone service etc. may also be provided. Compensation packages that include a housing allowance on the basis of location and cost of living may also be provided. Some corporations even provide assistance in selling or renting the present home of the employee or in terminating a lease, if required.

Family settling assistance

Essential help regarding admission of children in school, employment assistance for trailing spouse, finding day care center for kids and aged parents and such other support for getting the employee's family settled at the new location is provided, generally through some relocation service firm.


Your company appoints or have certain contracts with consultants to arrange for necessary documents including visas, work permits and other paperwork related to your move.

Financial assistance

The relocating employee is provided with assistance regarding financial matter such as advice regarding the new country's banking and financial systems. Mostly the relocation service firms, appointed to take care of relocation packages, help in setting up the appropriate bank accounts and in dealing with other financial issues.


Knowing about all the above provisions that are generally included in a relocation package makes you more knowledgeable- a prerequisite for any negotiation. If you see that the company is cutting on any of the basic provision of relocation package, you should always stress on including them. There are certain other tips that you must follow while negotiating for relocation package.

Gather knowledge about the exact standard relocation package policy of the company beforehand. You might also directly ask about it during the job interview itself.

When you receive a communication from the company that shows their interest about hiring you, analyze your own position. Be as neutral while doing this as possible. Ask some questions from yourself and find out the answers if you do not know them- does the employer has a high hand and has many options available with it? Whether many qualified local applicants have applied for the same job? How distinguished candidate are you compared to them? Do you have some unique skills that is not available in the local market? Are you quite experienced and have you properly projected how your experience can make a difference to the company? Answer them without any bias and you will get to know how far you can push the company for added benefits in the relocation package.

If you have been planning to relocate to that area where the company wants to send you, take care not to disclose this to the company otherwise the company may cut certain provisions from the relocation package assuming that you have already made arrangements for moving to the area.

If you are in a position to ask for more in your relocation package, give a hint to the company about other offers from other companies but also let them know that how interested you are in joining their company. Let them know that in spite of your liking their company, the deciding factor will be the favorable relocation package offered by any company.

However, if you see that the company has some other option (besides you), and you really want to move to the place, don't be too rigid while negotiating your relocation package. If a company offers you a little less than 'actual relocation cost,' try to negotiate on other points like a somewhat increased pay or a provision for paying certain bills etc. However, this will all depend upon the true value of your 'capability as a good employee for the company' and also the options available to the company.


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