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Trailing spouses: an underestimated factor in a relocation's success

According to Alceis Global Nomads, Human ressources departments often underestimate the importance of the trailing spouse in the success of a relocation assignment.

Companies that wish to send their employees abroad now need to take into account the career of their employee but also the career of the employee's spouse. More and more companies are working to find a way for the spouse's transition to another country to be a smooth as possible. Some even reach out to head hunters in order for the spouse to find work in the destination country. According to research by Alceis, in France only 30% of expatriate spouses state not having had any assistance before leaving home, which shows that more and more companies are taking into account the importance of their employees' spouses. 

However, other factors are often overlooked by human resources departments. Finding work in the destination country is not the only factor in the spouse's happiness and therefore the overall success of the mission. Despite most expatriates being excited to venture abroad, they often do not realise how much of a change of lifestyle it can be and that it can be lonely and language barriers can cause issues.

The trailing spouse should also be a priority for companies at the same level as their employee as a relocation can depend on them. The spouse is often the assignees main support and makes sure that everyone in the family is settling in well in the destination country. Therefore if the spouse's needs are not taken into account and they are unhappy in the destination country, this can affect the assignee and the relocation mission can be cut short.

At Expat US, we work to ensure that the relocation of employees goes smoothly and that the entire family is satisfied in their new home. Should you wish to learn more about the services we provide to companies and their employees, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Source: Les Echos Business


Avoid expatriation failure - Use Expat US Relocation Services

Expat US: making relocation easy

Human Resources department have always been faced with difficulties when it comes to relocating their employees. When the relocation is to a foreign country with a different language and culture the process can prove even more difficult. Furthermore if the distance between the home country and the host country is great, HR departments can have trouble managing the relocation.

The expatriation process is complex which makes it hard for Human Resources to deal with it for their employees. The distance also means that they cannot be hands-on and help directly. Relocation services such as Expat US solve this problem by taking on the entire relocation process.

Relocating employees requires efficient relocation services. You need specialists, with an in-depth knowledge of housing, accommodation, work permits, visas, contract management, immigration, administrative procedures, tax, social security and so on.

Managing the relocation internally can be risky, expensive and time consuming. For those reasons, using a relocation agency is definitely the best way to relocate your employees.

Expat US will take care of all the formalities, allowing you to follow the progress of your employee’s relocation step by step, thanks to our guarantee of complete transparency. As mentioned in our previous article “How to convince employees to move abroad”, we assist assignees from the very beginning to the end of the relocation process.

We arrange everything with our team, from finding them the perfect home and moving their personal effects there, to helping find a school for their children, to opening a bank account and getting a social security number and a local driver license etc. which leaves the assignees free to concentrate on more important concerns.

With over 7 years’ experience, we know the difficulties linked to relocation and how to face them. We do not only save expatriation from failure, we also allow you to benefit from our experience to save time, money and stress. Here are a few reasons why our services could be ideal for you for your expatriation needs.


Save time & money

Everyone knows that time is money and using Expat US for your relocation needs will save you a great deal of time. Thanks to our extensive experience and knowledge of the areas we work in, we can work quickly and efficiently in order to meet your needs.

We take over all the steps of the employee’s relocation with our time saving services at competitive prices.

By having a large network of real estate brokers who have a strong knowledge of the market ensures that you pay the right price for your property. We organize visits with the expatriate or we can visit properties for them depending on their preferences and availability.

Expat US also takes on other tasks, which can sometimes prove to be the most time consuming during a relocation process. For example, we can find the perfect school for the expatriate’s children and take care of the enrolment. We can also help with finding the best provider for utilities and getting them set up or helping to apply for a social security number or local driver’s license.

Expat US allow you to save time for the other services (and maybe the most stressful ones) that an expatriation require. We find the perfect school for the children of the expatriates and we take care of the enrolment. We help in every step like to subscribe to a provider for your utilities or to get a social security number.

In short, we can provide everything an expatriate needs to settle into their new environment as we know exactly what these needs can be, we understand them and know how to meet them in the best and fastest way.

One of the main advantage to our services is that we deal with all the different providers so you do not have to. Our centralized service means you do not need to waste time as we deal with every aspect of the process.


Save yourself stress

Relocating employees is a stressful situation for everyone involved. At Expat US we aim to reduce all stress to a minimum by taking care of everything linked to the move and by continuously communicating with the employee who is relocating and their HR service. Full transparence at every step of the process means that you will always know what is happening. 


Services completely tailored to your situation

As each client is unique, we adapt our services to fit each client’s requirements, whatever they may be, to ensure a completely tailored service.

All research is taken care of by our responsive team who is in charge of your case from start to finish. Having the same people taking care of your case means that no time is wasted explaining the same needs, requirements or concerns over and over. You know your advisors and they know you and your needs.



Expat US was founded in 2007 in order to meet the needs of Human Resources departments and their expatriates.


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