Work Culture in the USA

Business Values

In the USA, it is common for people, even in low-paid and simple jobs, to take pride in their work. Mobility is also an important aspect of working in the USA, especially for people who want to get ahead. Employees and business people are expected to jump at a career opportunity, even if it means that they have to relocate with their entire family.

A considerable number of companies and business people also take on certain social responsibilities towards the community: Voluntary work, charity donations, philanthropic foundations, and fundraising activities are both common and highly regarded practices. Given the permeable social safety net, US society relies very much on these values.


Adress you boss, manager, director with his/her first name. D'ont call them ''Sir'' or ''boss''. Regardless of how you adress a person, you must respect the work relationship you have with your superiors.


Meeting may not necessarily be for making big decisions. They are held for taking about small decisions or planning. You might think that most of your time is spent in meeting rather than doing your actual work. These meeting, however, are an important part of your job.

Work Hours

Most people come to work early and leave on time. If you are un the field, in many okace, it may not matter when you come and when you leave. However, you are expected to be present when you are needed for meetings or other teamwork.

As a full-Time employee, you are required to work at least 40 hours per week and you are generally no expected to work during the weekends.

Most jobs are task oriented. Therefore, you are measured by variables that include whether you got your job done in time, how well you did, not bases on how many hours you worked.


Don't spend too much time surfing the internet for matters not relevant to work. If you need to speak about personal matters while at work, keep the discussion short and speak quietly.

Dress Codes

Dress codes may vary widely. You may wear clothes that lean more towards formal dress, but not too formal, or any level below that wich is required by the company. Some places institute a casual dress code on Fridays as compared th other days.


If you are not sure about something at your work, don't bluff. Admit it honestly and refer to the right person. Focus on key areas of expertise and develop your skills accordingly. Don't pretend to know everything. Sooner or later, people will figure it out.

If your colleague needs help, please, help him to the beast of your knowledge and ability.




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